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Concrete Test Hammer D 7000

Made by Kamekura Seiki - Myzox (Japan)

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The D-7000 can read those numbers and value in one lot after all measurments are complited and is extremely efficent and no errors in reading compared with manual models

Technical indicators



Japanese manufacture "KAMEKURA"s' Concrete Test Hammer. 
MYZOX is the official distributor for KAMEKURA for international market 



Model N-6500 D-7000 R-7500
Method Repulsion Hardness method
Impact Energy 2.207N.m
Measuring Range Cylinders, 100 to 700N/mm2
Indication Mode Scale indication Digital indication
Anvil Standard Value 80 +/- 2
Weight 1.0 kg 1.6 kg 1.8 kg
Dimensions 55mm x 353 mm 103 mm x 109 mm x 353 mm 103 mm x 109 mm x 355 mm
Standard accessories

Carborundum Rubbing Stone
Instrumction Manual

Carrying case

Carborundum Rubbing Stone


Instruction Manual

Carrying case

Carcorundum Rubbing Stone

Thermal Recording Paper

Batteries: SUM-3 1.5V

Instruction Manual

Carrying case





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