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Pot Bearing QPZ

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Technical indicators

OVM – QPZ pot bearing consists of rubber pad sealed inside of steel pot. A PTFE plate is placed on top of the lining steel plate to decrease friction.

This type is classified into 31 grades according to its capacity ranging between 0.8-60 MN. Compression deformation under vertical designed load is less than 0.2% of total height and the pot edge diameter deformation is less than 5% of the outer diameter.

This series comprise of GD fixed bearing, DX one-way movable bearing, and SX two-way movable bearing. The horizontal force capacity of fixed bearings and non-movable side of one-way movable bearings are less than 10% of vertical capacity. Rotation angle is less than 0.02 rad. By lubrication utilizing 520 silicon grease, designed friction factor under normal temperature would be 0.03 and it is 0.06 under cold temperature.



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